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Deanship of students affairs

Dr. Monther Nassrallah, The Dean of the Students Affairs.

Welcome dear cadets-male and female

I devoted my power to deal with every obstacle or problem facing the cadets, I always try to facilitate the matters to achieve your academic journey. The door is open for all to interact and communicate in order to develop the cadets’ services at the university. Our ambitions and objectives in the deanship are many and various for the cadet’s benefits and interests.

The philosophy of all deanships of students affairs at all universities based on looking after the university students as the basic component in the educational process. We, in the deanship of students affairs at IU, from the university strategy and educational mission, and under the guidance of the university president, seek to direct the efforts and set all the possibilities to develop the educational process, improve the performance, and look after the cadets from the psychological, social, mental, physical aspects, as well as every issue related to the educational process. Moreover, we offer the appropriate services effectively and efficiently.

The cadets’ serving is the ultimate and main goal. The services presented to the cadets are not exclusive inside the university, but they include preparing them for the work market through improving the quality of the graduates for meeting the changes of the market.

Finally, we ask God to help us to achieve our aims perfectly. We also ask Him to bless our cadets and help them to achieve their noble goals and aims.

Definition: it is a specialized deanship in following up the students affairs and their activities related to the non curricula activities and belong to the president of the university directly.


The deanship’ vision is to have an active role in developing the cadets’ talents and abilities, highlight their creativity, to motivates their power, develop the values of affiliation, commitment, and discipline, effective participation in voluntary works to build their personality and prepare them for a leading role in the society. This is to achieve the university mission in creating a generation of cadets within intellectual, mental, physical, psychological and material health.


- Help in manifesting the spirit of affiliation, commitment, and discipline of the cadets.

- Give required professional advice to the cadets and help them to adjust in the academic environment.

- Participate in building and enhancing the lead and command spirit of the cadets, choose and adopt the excellent leaders among the cadets in cooperation with concerned parties at the university.

- Prepare plans and sport activities to develop the talents of the cadets, the values of cooperation and competition among them, take part in sport activities of the universities, the Palestinian educational and military security institutions.

- Prepare educational, artistic, and social programs supporting the curriculum to raise the cultural and artistic awareness, stand out and develop the talented and reinforce their mutual relations with the university family and keep in touch with the causes of their people and the local community.

-  Help the students to solve and overcome the educational, social, psychological and materialistic problems.

- Follow up the graduates’ affairs and keep their contact with the university as well as spread the scientific and professional mission of the university.


- Follow up the cadets’ affairs and their causes, help in solving their social, psychological, and the materialistic problems.

- Reception of the new students, guiding them to the university facilities, and identifying the students with the programs and the academic departments in cooperation with registration.

- Issue the students’ identity cards in cooperation with the department of registration, admission, and the affairs of personnel.

- Classify the cadets’ information into files.

- Follow up the service of post boxes for the students to keep their property.

- Monitor the dorm and offer the required facilities in cooperation with the administrative affairs.

- Participate in controlling the cadets’ behavior through programs to develop the spirit of responsibility, affiliation and offer the suitable climate by motivating participation in various activities.

- Organize cultural, technical, social and sport committees in cooperation with the military affairs and the national and political guidance, prepare and carry out programs in these fields and celebrate the national occasions.

- Monitor the gym hall and organize training under the supervision and responsibility of sport trainers.

- Look after the creative and talented cadets to participate in selecting the leaders in cooperation with the academic and military affairs to achieve progress in their roles according to the known instructions for this purpose.

- Encourage creative writings by the cadets, organize exhibitions and cadets propaganda, and follow up the implementations of the instructions in this field.

- Organize social and entertainment journeys and follow the instructions of these activities.

- Organize the students’ meetings with the president of the university, the chairman of the board of trustees, and the guests in cooperation with the military affairs and the responsible departments.

- Organize training summer and military camps for the cadets and monitor their participation in similar activities with other Palestinian universities and young institutions in cooperation with the responsible bodies at the university.

- Provide the cadets with the required psychological and educational guidance by psychologists and socialists in cooperation with the center of measurement and guidance and the clinic of the university.

- Guide the cadets to the medical services during the academic work and in free time in cooperation with the department of health care, classify the personal data and inform the related parties.

- Organize and follow up the cadets’ files concerning the orders issued by the administration and management committee.


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