I welcome you to Al-Istiqlal University, the institution of all Palestinians that was built with their blood to serve our homeland and its citizens. It is the only university that combines the security, military and academic dimensions and is unique in its field of security, military, and police sciences.

As part of the university's mission and vision, Al-Istiqlal takes continuous steps towards progress to achieve development plans and meet the needs of the university and its cadres. Also, it seeks to expand the specializations and programs, in addition to permanent improvement based on all military, academic, administrative, and service levels.

Furthermore, we focus on developing the field skills of students and officers and their practical capabilities to employ them in performance and security behavior in a proper manner, entrenching the spirit of national values and commitment, and striving for a full partnership between Al-Istiqlal University and all Palestinian security services, and promoting the horizons of cooperation in line with the lofty goals of the National University to prepare qualified officers Knowledgeably, scientifically, and practically on the ground, to engage them in the Palestinian security institutions to serve their people and their homeland.

Moreover, Al-Istiqlal is looking forward to deepening the university’s strategic relations and agreements at the local, Arab, and international levels to reach and achieve the goal of the university.

On behalf of the university, I salute all students of the University, wishing them a future full of excellence, creativity, and discipline, and we assure them that we are working to support and build their capabilities and develop their skills, to achieve the best results.

Prof. Dr. Nour Al-Din Abu Al-Rob