General Information


Frequently Asked Questions:

The establishing of IU (the Palestinian Academy for the Security Sciences):

 It was founded in 1998 but due to the obstacles of the Israeli occupation, it was opened in 2007 under the name of the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences, and then turned into a university in 2011.

Offered programs:

Faculty of Humanities:

 B.A  in Psychology.

 B.A  in Security Sciences.

 B.A in English Language-minor Hebrew.


Faculty of Administrative Sciences:

 B.A. in General Administration and Military Sciences.

 B.A. in Administrative Information System.


Faculty of Law:

B.A in Law and Police Sciences

 B.A in Criminology and Law


Development and training institution:

Professional diploma is granted in the following majors:

1- Security Sciences.                                                   

2- Military Intelligence.                                               

3- Police Sciences.                                                      

4- Hebrew                                                                      

5- English for Security Officers

6-Training of Trainers (certified)

7-Financial Management and Security Institutions.

8-Customs Sciences

Applying for the Undergraduate Programs and Diplomas:

Any high school graduate with GPA OF 65% could apply for studying at IU. For more information about terms of admission and registration, please visit the admission and registration page on the following link: click here.

Visiting the University:

The coordination with the department of public and international relations is essential for any visit to the university.

The Cadets’ needs:

The university is responsible for offering meals, water, washing, ironing and stationery.

Work at IU:

To apply for any vacant post, one should visit the department of Human Resources to fill the application form.

Language of Teaching:

Arabic is used as well as English.

Rules and Restrictions:

The cadets’ presence is at 8:00 am on Saturdays and the departure is on Wednesdays. 

Accommodation at dorms is compulsory.

For more information contact us on:

Palestine- Jericho- opposite Hisham’s palace

P.O.Box. 10
Telephone: 022322194/00972
Fax: 022322197/00972
e-mail :