University Facilities



Serves the academic community represented by the university cadets, administration, employees and academic staff through offering library materials and the latest technological-scientific materials. It also offers facilities and services that fit curricula needs and self-study. The library has a computerized system.


Lecture Halls:

The university has special teaching halls offering suitable training and a teaching environment for both the lecturer and the students. They are equipped with modern technology like portable computers, LCD projectors and smart boards.


Al-Sheikh Haza’ Bin Zayed Alinhayan Auditorium:

The auditorium is well equipped for different activities and events such as a simultaneous translation system and a light control system. It contains a cinema hall providing a filtered voice system and two huge plasma screens to facilitate remote audio-visual communication between the university and any other place around the world. Its capacity is for more than 200 people.



The dorm accommodates more than 1000 male and female cadets. Each room is equipped with all the necessities and wireless internet. It contains study halls, entertainment halls equipped with comfortable chairs and TV screens. There is a specialized social advisor.


Medical Service Unit:

If compared with the rest of IU facilities, this unit has a special significance due to services provided. There is a clinic with a physician and two nurses as well as a pharmacy available 24 hours. Medicine is prescribed and provided for free.


The Mess:

An international standard equipped mess is available. Healthy food is served by professional cooks for three main meals. IU has a cafeteria offering all necessary items and services for the cadets and employees as well as IU guests.



As a part of its facility units, IU has a laundry with the latest cleaning and ironing equipment. It serves the cadets.


Gym and Sports Facilities:

IU has its own gym with modern fitness equipment run by highly-qualified trainers. It also has football, basketball, volleyball, and handball facilities as well as race track.


Karate Hall:

The Karate hall(self-defense) was founded in the university to graduate professional capable military graduates ready for all recent fighting techniques to defend themselves in order to protect the people and country as security and military forces. This is obtained through integrated military and fighting education, developing a sincere, educated and sport minded generation believing in home, human values, principles and benefits through continuous mental and physical training to build character to participate in building the country and maintaining safety and security for the Palestinian society as a part of international, global system to build a pure and united society.



  Horsemanship ward is included in IU for training cadets on running stables and riding horses in order to take part in national and international championships, protocols, ceremonies and breaking up riots. Stables managing staff and highly-qualified trainees are available. The horses used are all Arab-origin and English horses.