At human resources level:

IU commenced its route in 2007 with 70 employees. The number increased to meet the university needs as a result of its progress and expansion to reach 320 male and female employees. The university policy is integrating woman in its human resources.


At the establishment level:

The idea of the university came into existence after the completion of the two main buildings known as the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences. The first building is the lobby containing administration offices and lecture halls. The second is the dorm and other facility units. Now, there are six main buildings: lobby, dorm for females, and dorm for males (A+ B), the mess, and an independent administration building.

Currently, there are seven buildings under construction: the library, faculty of law, medical center, Olympic swimming pool, Istiqlal cultural center , and Yasser Arafat mosque. There are efforts to obtain a new building projects fund.


At the academic level:

The most significant achievement of IU is the upgrading the of the vocational diploma level to the bachelor's degree. The university started with a one-year diploma program for the security institutions personnel. Now, there are seven bachelor programs as well as eight specialized diploma programs. All the programs are accredited by the Palestinian Ministry of Higher Education.


Faculties and Majors:


Faculty of Human Sciences:

    B.A in Psychology.

    B.A  in Security Sciences.

    B.A  English Language-minor Hebrew.


Faculty of Administrative Sciences:

    B.A  in General Administration and Military Sciences.

    B.A  in Administrative Information System.


Faculty of Law:

    B.A in Law and Police Sciences

    B.A in Criminology and Law


Development and training institution:


Professional diploma is granted in the following majors:


1- Security Sciences.                                                   

2- Military Intelligence.                                               

3- Police Sciences.                                                      

4- Hebrew                                                                      

5- English for Security Officers

6-Training of Trainers (certified)

7-Financial Management and Security Institutions.

8-Customs Sciences