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Board of Trustees:

The Board of Trustees consists of 12 members of high experience, decision-making and responsibility in the Palestinian Authority. The Board of Trustees is chaired by His Excellency the Major General TawfiqTirawi, a member in the central committee of the Palestinian liberation movement ( FATEH). The members are appointed for two-year renewable period. The Board of Trustees is authorized to:

  1. Preserve the university’s mission and stick to the methods that lead to its development and achieve its goals.
  2. Discuss and approve the annual budget.
  3. Discuss and approve internal regulations related to financial and administrative matters.
  4. Appoint the president of the university.
  5. Appoint vice presidents and deans of the university.
  6. Confirm and organize the proper management of the university’s sources.
  7. Make sure that the executive management of the university apply all the rules and regulations done by the board of trustees.

The members:

  1. The Major General TawfiqTirawi.
  2. Prof. Rami Hamdallah
  3. Dr. Laila Ghannam
  4. Prof .YounisAmr
  5. Dr. Sa’ebAreeqat
  6. Dr. Mohammad Ishtayah
  7. Dr. Sa’di Al-Kanz
  8. Dr. Najat Al-Astal
  9. Dr. Radwan Al-Akhras
  10. Mr. AkramAbdellatifJrab
  11. Mr. Azzam Al-Ahmad
  12. Management and administration committee
  13. Interior minister
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