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Prof. Abdel Nasser Qadoumi:

The cause of internal security and the Palestinian security doctrine areconsidered the core causes that receive the attention of State of Palestine represented by his Excellency the president Mahmoud Abbas. In line with policy, the Major General TawfiqTirawi, the chairman of the board of trustees, crystallized the idea of establishing the Palestinian Academy for Security Sciences that soon developed into a university awarding bachelor degree in six majors:

- Administrative Information System

- Psychology of Security

- Police Sciences and Law

- General Management and Security Sciences

-Security Sciences

- English Language-minor Hebrew

The university intends to develop the security institutions, raise the educational and academic level of their personnel and provide them with knowledge and skills that positively contribute in their performance through specialized vocational diplomas that aim to professional progress during officer’s services at the Palestinian security institutions. Therefore, the university becomes special and unique in security sciences connected with society’s security, stability, development and progress as a fundamental pillar for achieving comprehensive development in various fields of life, prosperity and bright future for the coming generations.

In the frame of looking for achieving high level of coordination, cooperation and integration between security institutions in various security areas, the university stands out offering a specialized academic mission to fulfill the need ofsecurity institutions, the State’s foundations, the Palestinian society needs and its comprehensive development. Therefore, internal security is achieved by security knowledge, sciences and skills in scientific approach and curriculum to prepare security member staff professionally and academically. Therefore, the university is punctual about offering a motivating atmosphere and environment for cadets to learn national and international knowledge and experience. The cadets could develop their abilities and achieve themselves and benefit from resources and modern training educational means that the university offers depending on the latest techniques, advanced electronic systems and academic and scientific staffs, skilled professional trainers to produce the needed human power from qualified national staffs at the academic, political, psychological, physical and professional level. The university also saves the cadets’ efforts and money instead of travelling abroad and looking for specialized universities in this field. Then the university lessens the young immigration by finding jobs for the skilled professionals to work at the university. The woman has a good share in joining the university and working in security institutions.

The university plans to grant a bachelor degree in new majors related to the Palestinian security institutions like criminology and law, diplomatic and international relations, media and political guidance. To assert belonging, the university seeks to offer scholarships for the excellent graduates to be the core of the university’s staff in the future. It is hopeful that IU will be a pure source of science for students from Arab and Islamic nations to study security sciences in the State of Palestine.

The University president: Prof. Abdel Nasser Qadoumi

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