Prof. Hamdan Taha

Vice-president for Academic Affairs

The academic affairs of Al-Istiqlal University focuses on developing academic aspects of the cadets and the faculty members. It is keen to achieve the mission of the University and its objectives. The University aims to follow up the various issues with the Deans, Heads of the departments and faculty members in cooperation with all the departments in the university in order to develop our beloved country. It sets academic standards that meet the university's academic orientations. It continuously evaluates programs, attracts highly qualified faculty members, and follows certain standards in students’ admission to study at Al-Istiqlal University. It also follows up the faculties, departments, scientific research facilities including the library and scientific labs. It is keen to develop the performance of faculty members at the university and to participate actively in scientific conferences and seminars within the available possibilities which enable them to acquire experiences for better performances. Finally, it works toward the highest level in applying quality standards to achieve the mission and objectives of the University.