Vice President for Administrative Affairs: Dr.Raja Sweedan


The vice president of administrative affairs monitors all the services and administrative works at the university through various administrations and units that provide logistical and administrative services at a high quality. The administrative decisions are built on transparency and satisfaction, to achieve that, the following should be carried out:

  • * Organized structure cope with the university’s expansion and its development plan.
  • * job description and administrative instructions clarify the duties, power and standards of achievements that guarantee the smooth procedures and their application.
  • * prepare a plan for continuous professional development of the university staff in line with modern administrative guidance.

Departments and Administrative Units:

  1. General Directorate of human resources.
  2. General Directorate of IT.
  3. Department of medical services
  4. Department of public services
  5. Nutrition department
  6. Engineering department
  7. Maintenance department
  8. Department of technical works
  9. The university security department