Al-Istiqlal Center for Strategic Studies


Al-Istiqlal Center for Strategic Studies

  It is one of the university scientific centers. It is nonprofit independent center which aims to conduct researches, studies and implement various activities that support the security system. It contributes in building national strategies, supports the scientific research in security field. It contributes in strategic studies at the Arab and international levels. It also supports and develops the Palestinian security sciences; moreover, it builds a national vision at the strategic level. 

The center was established in 2008 under the name of the Palestinian Center for the Management of Security Sector. In 2014, the name was changed into Al-Istiqlal Center  for Strategic Studies according to the decision of advisory board of the center to manifest the research capacity of the center as a specialized national center in this field.


- conduct strategic studies and researches, develop research and thinking, and raise capacities.

- give advice and opinion to the decision makers, leaders of the political action, parliamentarians in the political, social, security, population fields, and environment dimension at the internal and external levels.

- assess and process the existing national policies and the mechanisms of building the national policies.

- provide the Palestinian decision makers with alternatives and the political choices according to methodological scientific studies.

- protect the national collective memory, looking after the national heritage through research and the history of resisting the Israeli occupation, occupation policies, ethnic purification, and cultural effacement practiced by Israel and its supporting dominant intellectual forces.

- reinforce the university’s role in the process of developing security sector through its departments, various programs, cooperation with relevant parties, and engage and integrate them in this process. It presents recommendations connected with developing security sector to the president of the university. It also contributes in the process of fixing and developing the security sector in Palestine on the national and democratic basis, based on the approved international concepts by the United Nations (UN) in this regard that could enhance the principles of good governance.

- help to achieve job satisfaction for the personnel of the Palestinian security institutions and enable them to obtain a high degree of professionalism.