Measurement and Evaluation Center


Measurement and Evaluation Center

The direcor: Dr. Mohammad Dabous


The center was founded at IU on 1st, Sep.2011 according to the decision of the university president and the directions of His Excellency Major General Tawfiq Tirawi, the chairman of the board of trustees of the university.

The center is considered one of the main centers at the university due to the university’s faith in developing the measurement and evaluation processes, and works to guarantee the educational outcomes of the various academic programs. The center presents its services to the academic staff at the university as well as conducting specialized scientific studies connected with the cadets’ academic circumstances.

The importance of establishing this center as one of the leading qualitative centers at IU since the university believes in developing measurement and evaluation processes. It participates in developing the academic process, and works on asserting the teaching and learning outcomes of the different academic programs.


The center looks forward to playing an effective role in the fields of measurement and evaluation at the university level and the local community to ensure the quality of education.


 Evaluate the components of learning and teaching process at IU (income- processing- outcome) to achieve the international quality level within liable scientific, local and international standards by using modern evaluation and measurement techniques.


The center hopes to:

  1. Found a bank of tests and measurements rationalized internationally.
  2. Prepare exams and standards required for the process of psychological, academic, professional and administrative measurement.
  3. Develop the skills of the academic staff in making and developing achievement tests as well as analyze results.
  4. Help in evaluating questions set by the academic staff.
  5. Help in evaluating the courses taught at the university.
  6. Establish banks of questions characterized by academic perfection, quality, and technicality in all subjects.
  7. Accredit national and international subjective standards to evaluate learning and teaching process.
  8. Offer data and statistics that enable the academic staff to improve their academic performance.

Give advice and assistance in applying, correcting and interpreting results