Al-Istiqlal University ended the Agenda of the 1st Scientific Conference “Identity is a Present and Future”



“Identity is a Present and Future” held on 16th -17th  of January 2017 as the first scientific research at the Theater of Sheikh Hazza’ Bin Zayed at Al-Istiqlal University in Jericho, coordinated by Faculty of Humanities at the university and sponsored by the Ministry of Culture and the Palestinian Islamic Bank in the presence of academic, security and sovereign figures.  

Twenty- two research papers were refereed by academics from Al-Istiqlal University and other Palestinian universities. Some of these researches were refereed at CHARMO University in Kurdistan.

The conference agreed on a number of recommendations and actions as the following:

 1. Employ positive fields of psychology in Police Sciences and increase studying of the good side of the officer’s character.     

2. Present electronic media programs aiming the national and cultural awareness that enhance the preservation of the Palestinian national identity via supporting the cultural and national identity including language, religion and history. 

3. A necessity for rules and regulations commit the Palestinian media to keep the morals of media work.

4. Necessity for integrated governmental policies to face the problem of unemployment, immigration and the Palestinian division.

5. Form a clear united Palestinian vision by researchers, intellectuals, historians, and educated people, as well as official and community parties to protect the identity of Jerusalem.

6. Manifest the role of the Palestinian movement and the political elite in reinforcing the national identity through non curriculum classes at schools lectured by academic and political professionals.

7. Including educational materials and activating the teacher’s role in building positive orientations and raising the level of knowledge about the Palestinian national cause.

8. Recognizing the reasons behind the changes of the Palestinian identity in the Palestinian literature.

9. Direct the educational process at the departments of Engineering Faculty in the Palestinian universities towards the local and cultural architecture that enables the Palestinian architects to understand the potentials and advantages of the traditional architecture, activate the identity of architecture and bridge communication between contemporary architecture and the past.

At the end of the conference, Dr. Raja’ Sweidan thanked all participants, attendees, and guests and appreciated  the efforts and support of the president and the administration of the university, the participating researchers, as well as the various departments contributing in achieving success of the two-day conference.