The Terms of Admission in B.A


The Terms of Admission:

1. The applicant must be a Palestinian-nationality holder.

2. The applicant must pass The General Secondary Exam with an average of 65% at least in the literary and scientific branches.

3. The applicant must not be less than 170 cm tall for males and 160 cm for females in all majors except the major of Law and Police Sciences where the height must be 175 cm.

4. Applications of CGE, SAT, and IB certificate are accepted in the case of its equivalence by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

5. The applicant’s age must not be less than 19 years (4/7/19997 and afterward are accepted)

6. The applicant must pass all the medical tests, the capacity exam, the physical fitness and the interview successfully.

7. The university offers 20% of the total seats for the sons of martyrs, prisoners who are still in Israeli prisons, the civilian and military retired, the sons of the personnel at security institutions, the applicants who are excellent in sports, who live in Bedouin gatherings, and applicants who live in social care houses in the case they meet the terms of admission.

8. All applicants compete according to the GPA of Tawjihi and the terms of admission in the various faculties.

9. A commitment justice assurance by the various bodies and the internal instructions of Al-Istiqlal University.

10. The applicant must be single; engagement and marriage are forbidden during the study period.

11. The applicant has no brother or sister graduated or is still studying at IU.

12. The applicant should be a nonsmoker person.