Department of B.A & Diploma


Department of Diploma

The Department of Vocational Diploma offers a number of academic programs (diploma degree) to re-qualify the officers of the various security institutions, and provide them with knowledge and skills that improve their performance. The diploma programs are as the following:

1. Vocational Diploma in Military Intelligence.

2. Vocational Diploma in Security Sciences.

3. Vocational Diploma in Training Security Coaches.

4. Vocational Diploma in Financial Management at Security Institutions.

5. Vocational Diploma in English Language for Security Officers.

Bachelor Program:

It is responsible for following up the vacations, offs, leaves, and the health of the cadets. It also follows up the academic achievement with the deans of faculties, academic staff, and the military department. The bachelor program includes:

Law and Police Sciences

General Administration and Security Sciences

English Language

Administrative Information Systems

Security Psychology