The National Security Held a Lecture about Social and Psychological Support


The Department of Psychology in Faculty of Humanities at Al-Istiqlal University held a lecture on social and psychological support in the leaderships of the Palestinian national security forces. Brig.Issa Jaradat, the direcor of social and psychological support unit at the Palestinian national security leadership, delivered the lecture for the seniors of psychology. He was welcomed by Dr. Hussam Qadoumi, the dean of Faculty of Humanity and Dr. Rehab Sa’di, the head of the psychology department.

Jaradat talked about the establishment of “ The Social and Psychological Support Unit in the National Security” in addition to the responsibility assigned by the Major General Nedal Abu Dukhan the leader of national security forces to establish, train, and form the unit by Dr. Issa Jaradat.

He clarified to the present cadets the missions and responsibilities of the social and psychological support unit in the national security and its branches in all districts, as well as the objectives and mechanisms of improving the proficiency and performance of the personnel of national security forces in all regions and departments.

Jaradat pointed to the activities and events of the unit whether individual or collective guidance, qualitative meetings for coordinating and networking community activities, as well as the general concepts in psychology and their relevance to professional work in the national security forces.

He ended the lecture in answering the cadets’ questions stressing the necessity for performing activities to employ psychology concepts in the practical and security life of Al-Istiqlal cadets..