Al-Istiqlal University is a self-development university participating in developing the community on a scientific proper ground. The university looks for achieving its mission of preparing the Palestinian security cadres qualified and capable to carry out their duties professionally. It looks forward to making a positive change which the Palestinian people seek for to build the professional security institution. The university aims to spread knowledge, serve the community, and reinforce the university’s institutional development till reaching excellence in all the university’s fields.

In 2014, the Office of Vice President for Planning, Development, and Quality was established. It aims to develop the university at the academic, administrative, and military levels.

It plans to improve the quality of education, the personal skills of instructors, the educational and cultural levels, as well as improving the university’s faculties and departments through implementing plans and bringing in further technical and financial support. It prepares studies, projects, proposals, development plans for the university as well as the strategic plans. It coordinates with the university’s faculties, deanships, and departments to prepare and implement the working plans, and preparing report samples.

According to the university’s structure, the office of vice president for planning belongs to the president of the university directly.  Its duties are considered the most necessary factors of the university’s success because of its qualitative development. 

Vision, Mission, and Objectives:

Vision: creativity and excellence in planning, development, and quality.

Vision: considering creativity and excellence in planning, development, and quality a common norm and principle, a way of thinking for success and development, and achieving the university’s objectives, as well as grounding planning, development, and quality in the university’s faculties, departments, and programs to support the university’s position locally, regionally, and internationally.

Mission: the office of planning and development seeks excellence based on scientific grounds for making qualitative leap in academic, administrative, and military fields, and improving education and training at the university as well as achieving tangible development projects.  The office organizes accelerated development process for the university within planned and applicable frames. It sticks to achieving its mission by respect, leadership and creativity.

Values: quality and excellence- dedication to work- teamwork- leadership -creativity- and transparency. 

Duties and Objectives:

- Drafting and planning the university’s strategic plan and following up its implementing.

- Following up the current strategic plan and evaluating achievements.

- Preparing development plans for the university at the academic, administrative, and military fields.

- Drafting and following up implementing systems and standards of quality at the university.

- Contributing in developing and following up the academic, administrative, and military programs.

- Achieving the university’s objectives of quality and academic accreditation.

- Evaluating performance and quality assurance of the academic, administrative, and military units of the university.

- Carrying out needed studies for the future infrastructural projects in the light of the university’s needs.

- Reinforcing and strengthening the cooperation and coordination with the local, Arab, foreign universities, and donors.

- Developing human resources in the academic, administrative and military fields.

- Reinforcing quality concept via conferences, seminars, meetings, and workshops in the field of quality and academic accreditation.

- Contributing in developing the university’s establishments, evaluating using the university’s possessions for the perfect use.

- Leading the academic, administrative, and military quality from the form and evaluation dimensions.

- Following up the activities of the university’s deanships, departments, and programs of preparing and applying the annual executive plans.
- Preparing the required recommendations for developing quality at the academic faculties, administrative and military departments to improve productivity and direct it to serving the university’s outcomes.