Planning and Development Unit



  1. Participating in planning, following up, and implementing the strategic development plan of the University in a manner that guarantees achieving the University’s objectives and revising it periodically.
  2. Participating in preparing and following up the executive plan for all deanships, departments, and centers of the University.
  3. Conducting studies and researches relevant to academic and administrative process which contributes in setting the strategic plan or setting/updating regulations and policies.
  4. Participating in preparing the project of the University’s budget.
  5. Participating in setting and developing systems, policies, and studies, as well as their effects.
  6. Taking part in workshops, committees, or conferences in the field of planning and studies at higher education.
  7. Preparing development proposals for the University’s infrastructure.
  8. Preparing studies and suggestions for developing human, academic and administrative staffs in accordance with development planning.
  9. Preparing projects’ proposals (in coordination with Quality Unit) for developing mechanics of self evaluation and improving education quality in general.
  10. Participating in the workshops held by donors.
  11. Contributing in preparing and following up the executive plan of the deanships, departments and centers at the University.

Planning committee

According to the resolution of the president of the University No. (69) in 2017 and according to the deans session No. (94) on 19/3/2017, a planning committee was formed consisting of the following:




Dr. Mohammad Halaseh


Dr. Abdellatif Abu Odeh


Dr. Mohammad Hawamdeh


Dr. Hazem Hroub


Dr. Younis Karmi


Mr. Mohammad Zbeidat