Starting a Course in Writing Skills of Reports and Correspondence for the Employees


The Capacity Building Department in the Human Resources started a course in Writing and Reporting Skills which was organized by the Dean of Scientific Research at Al-Istiqlal University Dr. Wael Abu Saleh. This course will last for six weeks for about 25 of the University’s staff.

The Head of the Capacity Building Department, Nora Nujoum, welcomed the participants. She wished them benefiting from the practical experience of Prof. Wael Abu Saleh. She added that this course is distinguished by its impact on the work.

In turn, Dr. Wael Abu Saleh pointed out the main objective of the course which is to introduce the departments’ heads, secretaries, secretaries of colleges and scientific centers to the methods of writing formal and informal correspondences and reports.

The 12-hour training course will last for one month and a half including practical exercises and intensive theoretical lectures. At the end of the course, an exam will be held for the participants who will receive a certificate from the University.

The Department of Capacity Building at the General Department of Human Resources organizes a number of scientific courses that contribute to raising the level of efficiency of employees’ work, in line with the policy and objectives of the university, which is constantly seeking to develop human cadres.