The Completion of Training the Students Participating in the Ambassadors Program


The Counseling and Guidance  Department that belongs to the Deanship of Student Affairs, in partnership with the Anti-Narcotics Unit of the Palestinian Police and Al-Sadiq Al-Taib Association for the Social Awareness of the Dangerous Outcome of Drug Abuse and Alcohol Use  in the town of Al-Eizariya, completed intensive training course to enable a group of Al-Istiqlal University students to join the Ambassadors program (a Preparation of trainers in the field of awareness and prevention of drugs).

Fifteen students participated on Friday and Saturday with the participation of Lt. Col. Thafer Salah from the Anti-Narcotics Unit, Majed Alloush of the Al-Sadiq Al-Taieb Association and the Sociologist Yasmine Adawi from al- Istiqlal University.

The training focused on a number of topics such as: team building, communication, identification of problem and need, basic concepts and misconceptions about drugs and abuse, the reasons and motives for involvement in dealing with the abusers and the extent of this phenomenon locally and regionally.

The intensive training program (Ambassadors Program) is the first of its kind at the national level. It targets a set of Palestinian universities (Al-Istiqlal University, Bir Zeit University, Al Quds Open University, Palestine Polytechnic University, Arab American University, Palestine Technical University Khadouri, and Hebron University).