Counseling Department Organized a Meeting with the Students before the Final Exams


The Counseling Department of the Deanship at the Student Affairs at Al-Istiqlal University organized a meeting for the university students on "Pre-Examination Academic Guidance" in the presence of the Head of Counseling Department Alaa’ Al-Sa’di, the Dean of Admission and Registration, Dr. Hazem Hroub, and the social worker Yasmin Adawi.

Al-Sa’di opened the meeting with warm welcome to students, talking about the importance of organizing the time of studying before the final examinations as well as the students’ readiness with self-reliance. He referred to the special laws at Al-Istiqlal University and how to deal with students who are not disciplined in carrying out the exam. “Counseling Guide " was distributed to all students before the exams began in cooperation with the Military Department. It includes all laws and internal regulations on dealing with the student’s behavior during the exam sessions.

For his part, Hazem Hroub delivered a lecture on the laws of the University that deal with student affairs and daily transactions and punitive measures in case of violation of any of these laws. He clarified what is with the students and what is against them.

In a related context, the social worker Yasmine Adawi, through her lecture, pointed to the need to organizing time and social guidance if the student encountered any social problems during the final exams. This is to obtain the good and expected results for students.

The Counseling Department conducts a number of annual activities for students, organizes a number of events during the regular academic semesters, and follows up all the necessary issues related to the counseling of students.