Ending the Course of writing Reports and Correspondences


The training course titled "Skills of writing reports and correspondence" for the employees of Al-Istiqlal University was ended. The course was organized by the Capacity Building Department which belongs to the General Department of Human Resources. Dr. Wael Abu Saleh, Dean of Scientific Research at the University, carried out this course.

Dr. Wael Abu Saleh assured that this course is important for the university staff. Writing correspondences and reports is not an easy task, especially if it is free of grammatical and linguistic errors. He said: "the employees enrolled in this course benefited a lot from this course, and the least they used a number of grammatical sections Punctuation marks and tenses, wishing them success in their work. "

Noura Najoum, the Head of Capacity Building, thanked the participants for their commitment to the days of the course. She promised a series of upcoming courses that will increase the efficiency of the employees' work, which is reflected in their performance.

At the end of the course, certificates were distributed to the participants in the presence of Dr. Wael Abu Saleh, Nora Nujoom, the Head of Capacity Building, and a number of the university staff.