The Institute of Training and Development Organizes a Lecture on Crimes Committed by Minors in Jerusalem


Monday, The Institute of Training and Development at Al-Istiqlal University organized an awareness lecture for fourth year students from all disciplines under the title "Juvenile Crimes in Jerusalem and its Relationship with Occupation" at the Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theater.

The lecture was organized in cooperation with Dr. Eyad Al-Hallaq from Al-Quds University in Abu Dis. He began his lecture by talking about the crimes of adolescents stemmed from the religious, cultural, moral and social causes and the impact of these shocks on the Palestinian citizens, especially the Jerusalemites, because of their exposure to the crimes of occupation more than others.

Dr. Hallaq described the internal and external psychological stressors, which affect the personal, psychological and intellectual aspects, and may affect deeply in the characteristics and composition of personality, which leads to the control of the individual's behavior and action.

The students interacted during the lecture with the topics posed by Dr. Hallaq which focused on the lives of adolescents in Jerusalem and the pressures exerted on them by the occupation. He gave his advice to the students to address all psychological issues that they are exposed to and not to neglect them because they lead to a strong psychological trauma.