Fateh-Youth Service Center Distributes Stationery on the Freshmen.


The Community Service Center and Continuing Education in collaboration with the Student Youth Leadership organized an activity aimed at serving the university students by distributing special stationery on the freshmen at Al-Istiqlal University.

The director of the Community Service Center at the University Mr. Sha’aban Ayyat explained that this activity is implemented at the beginning of each year in the universities of the homeland, as for Al-Istiqlal University, it has a peculiarity due to the closed training course which makes us postpone the activity after the regularity of these students in their classes.

Ayyat thanked the leadership of Fateh youth Movement and thanked them for their efforts in communicating with the students of the Palestinian universities. This is a proof of the national responsibility towardscommunicating with the students and providing them with the necessary stationery which represents a national symbolism.

The director of Community Service Center and Continuing Education said that the picture of Jerusalem (Al-Quds Al-Sharif) was placed on the cover of the stationery this year, which says: "The door of our City will not be closed." It also included information about the martyrs of the Fateh Youth Movement to be gloried.