The Course of Using Basic and Advanced Computer Programs Came to an End


Sunday, the Department of Capacity Building of Public Administration of Human Resources at Al-Istiqlal University completed the course "Using Basic and Advanced Computer Programs" with 18 training hours which targeted the University staff.

NouraNjoum, the Head of Capacity Building in Human Resources, thanked AhlamAwawdeh, the General Manager of Information Technology, for her efforts and outstanding performance in the training course, which aims at developing the skills of the participants in this course.

Njoum promised to organize future courses in IT and what is needed for the staff in this field and keep up with modern technological developments.

The course "Using Basic and Advanced Computer Programs" lasted for three weeks with 18 training hours, with a participation of (11) employees (male/ female) from different departments in the university. They were given certificates after passing the requirements of the course successfully.