Poetry Contest on the Tenth UniversityFoundation Anniversary


Under the patronage and attendance of the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Tawfiq Tirawi, a poetry competition was held at Al-Istiqlal University’s Theater entitled "My University is my Identity Code" on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of founding the University.

Tawfiq Al-Tirawi expressed his extreme happiness about what he heard from the students’ own poetry. He said: "I promise you to continue my work in fighting corruption and serving citizens in order to build a free and independent homeland." He told the students that they brought him back to the age of 40 for buildingAl-Istiqlal University and the Home’s Institutions.

The Faculty of Humanities in partnership with the Community Service Center and Continuing Education at the University organized the competition which was attended byMaj.Gen. Tawfiq Tirawi, Vice-Presidents for Military, Academic and Administrative Affairs, Secretary-General of the General Unionfor Palestinian Writers, as well as students, staff and employees of the university.

The referee committee of the poetry contest, composed of Dr. Wael Abu Saleh, the Dean of Scientific Research at the University, Dr. Mu’athShtia, the Director of the Department of Scientific Research Methods, the poet Imran Al-Yassini and the poet Ibrahim Njoom, announced the names of the first-three winners out of (15) students who presented various poems about the history of Al-Istiqlal University and its founder, HE Dr. Tirawi. The winners were:Ayat Hosheyah- CriminologyDepartment, Dalia Adel Shrouf- Department of Police Sciences and Law, and Mahdi Mohammad Muti- Department of Police Sciences and law.

In turn, Shaaban Ayat, the Director of the Community Service Center and Continuing Education at the University, said that the aim of this competition is to promote the students' participation in the tenth university’sanniversary. Such activities promote literary and cultural creations and reflecton the image of students inside and outside the University.

For her part, Dr. Mais Odeh, the coordinator of the poetry contest, said that the idea was launched through reviewing the history and achievements of the University along 10 years. Thus,it captured a prestigious position among the universities of the homeland. Therefore, Faculty of Humanities organized such an event.

The competition’s schedule included folk art show by "Bara’em” of Al-Istiqlal University Folklore Band. It was met with an enthusiastic atmosphere by the audience who expressed their proud of IU.