The Department of Security Sciences in Partnership with the National Securit y Organize a Lecture about Media Security


The Department of Security Sciences in the Faculty of Humanities at Al-Istiqlal University in cooperation with the National Security Forces organized a lecture for the senior students. The lecture was delivered by Col. Hafez Rifai- the Director of the Information Department and Col. Rana Al-Khouli- the Director of Gender Department at the National Security Forces as an activity of "Media Security" course for the lecturer Taghreed Abu Hamda, and the lecture was held at the University’s Theater.

Colonel Hafez Al-Rifai praised the efforts of and expressed his pride in Al-Istiqlal University as a distinctive national structure. He said: "The students of this university will be the leaders of the future." His lecture was started by defining the security media, its historical background, and its success depends on the security forces' conviction and its ability to influence the citizens.

Colonel Rifai said that media is considered the "fourth authority" and its relationship with the security services must be solid to serve the Palestinian people. He referred to the performance of the national security forces in the Palestinian street and how they managed to win public opinion on many issues. He also referred to the request of some European countries to apply the Palestinian national security experience on their armies to achieve the desired success of security media.

He also explained the pillars of security media, which is reflected through the performance of the security personnel in the street by meeting the public needs and helping people with confidence and credibility. This enhances the policy of community security.

For her part, Col. Rana Al-Khouli spoke about the role of Palestinian women’s work at the Palestinian security institutions, specifically in the national security forces. She defined the gender and displayed the shared roles between men and women through some examples that embody practically the partnership of women in the work which ensured her acceptance in the community.

Colonel Kholi explained the establishment of the Gender Department by a decision of the Commander of the National Security Forces, Major General Nidal Abu Dukhan in 2012. This Department is a permanent module for the protection of gender in the national security forces.