During the weekly meeting of the Deans’ Council, Human Resources launches the work of INSAN Program


The Board of Deans at Al-Istiqlal  University headed by Professor Dr. Saleh Abu Osbaa, in the opening session, welcome the General Directorate of Human Resources and the General Directorate of Information Technology, to launch “INSAN” program, today Monday 28th of January 2019.

Professor Dr. Abu Osbaa praised the efforts of the administrative affairs at the University represented by his deputy for administrative and financial affairs Dr. Raja Suwaidan, and he said “This joint session in the meeting of the University Deans' Council comes as presentation by the General Directorate of Human Resources on the Human Program INSAN”. Also he wished success in the working process of this important program.

Furthermore, Dr. Raja thanked the President of the University and the Board of Deans for giving the opportunity to present INSAN program which helps in solving the daily problems that face the Human Resources Department and promoting the electronic work instead of paper work. Also, she thanked the General Directorate of Human Resources which worked in partnership with the General Directorate of Information Technology in the past period for providing the program with the specific data to each employee at Al-Istiqlal University.

Moreover, Mr. Younis Al-Karmi, the general director of the General Directorate of Human Resources Department, gave a detailed explanation about the mechanism, characteristics and advantages of INSAN program which mainly achieves the electronic work linked to each employee's special mail and with the University's website.

Mr. Al-Karmi clarified the employee's access to the program, and the possibility of being informed of the personal data and administrative file according to the powers determined by the program according to employee's rank and position. The program provides greater powers for the deans and department managers to have access to the files of the work team, and follow up all what is new at the administrative level, promotions, vacations and daily administrative matters.

At the end of the presentation, the Director-General of Human Resources Management invited the members of the Board of Deans to review the program and its characteristics with welcoming their comments or any amendment they request to meet the need for administrative work at the University.

It is noteworthy that Al-Istiqlal University signed in November 2017, the agreement to purchase INSAN program from the Jordanian company "INSIGHT" for programming, in order to develop the human resources system, so the program has a number of features, like: (employee file, payroll, follow-up time attendance and departure, health insurance, recruitment procedures, measurement and evaluation, self-service of employees, self-service of managers and access to the data of the staff of their departments and colleges, and the program provides immediate reports, in addition to the ability to save documents and strengthen the pyramid hierarchy (the vertical and horizontal).