The Second Phase of the leadership Course begins for Second Year Students


Led by the Palestinian team of Al-Istiqlal University, the second phase of the "Leadership Course" started for the first semester 2018-2019 targeting the second year students from all disciplines. The course comes in cooperation between the Institute of Training and Development at Al-Istiqlal University and the British support team, which is inside the University, for a period of three years.

Maj. Gen. Mohamed Haron, the Supervisor of the Leadership Training, opened the second phase of the “Leadership Course” in the presence of Col. Mark Kladyon, the Academic Consultant of the British Support Team, and the British-Palestinian officers, wishing success to the students and hoping that they got benefit from the first week of the course at the beginning of the first semester.

Also, he told the students that “You are the future leaders of the Palestinian Security Agencies after several years” and he advised the course’s participants to benefit positively from the years of study.

Furthermore, Ms. Taghrid Abu Hamdeh, the Training Supervisor in the Palestinian Team, talked about the lectures and the process of the second phase and introduced Dr. Rehab Al- Saadi with Ahmed Drabee, First Lieutenant , as lecturers for the course, wishing success for the students during lectures and training.

Dr. Rehab Al-Saadi, the first lecturer, welcomed the newly joined Palestinian and British officers with giving a brief introduction about the lecture which is entitled "Command, Leadership and Management", in addition to several topics, including leadership qualities, leadership styles, skills and performance tools, Problem solving and planning.

Finally, leadership course provides students with modern leadership methods and it is divided into five stages and three-year levels, and it will be in the beginning of each semester for second year students from all disciplines.