Holding a Foundation Security Course for 50 members of the Security and Escorts Department


In cooperation between the Security Department and the Institute of Training and Development at Al-Istiqlal University, the "Foundation Security" course started on Monday, 25th of February 2019 with (30) training hours for about 50 members of the Security and Escorts Department in the presence of Dr. Salwa Ramadan, the Dean of the Student Affairs, Col.  Dr. Majdi Serdah, the Director of the Training and Development Institute, Maj. Mohammed Abu Khader, the Director of Security Directorate, First Lieutenant George Issa, Director of Security and Guard Department, and a number of officers.

Maj. Mohammed Abu Khader praised the security trainees and their efforts exerted in the foundation course which was held by the Military Training Force of the security forces for three months, expressing his pride in the efforts of the Security and Guard Department in all its members, wishing them to meet the need of security in Al-Istiqlal University with its facilities, students and staff.

Furthermore, Col. Dr. Serdah welcomed the attendees and the security members in the Security Foundation Course, calling them to take advantage of all information during the course. Also, he said: "You are the first face of the University in welcoming guests, regardless of their positions and military ranks."

For her part, Dr. Ramadan stressed the values of the humanitarian treatment with the guests and staff, which enhances a positive cultural image of the security members of Al-Istiqlal University, wishing all the participants progress and success.

At the end, First Lieutenant George Issa said “ This course includes a number of skills and methods that must be acquired by the security man, such as the treatment with public, the writing of security reports, the gradual use of force and the security of the institution." This session came after the completion of the Foundation Army Practical Course which continued three months in the Military Training Commission.