The University and the Police Hold a Workshop on the Palestinian Traffic Law


The Police Department, in a collaboration with the Institute of Training and Development at Al-Istiqlal University, held a workshop entitled "Palestinian Traffic Law" with the participation of the Police Directorate in the presence of Col. Abu Zneid Abu Zneid, the Director of the Traffic Department, and the retired Lieutenant Col. Zuhair Jaara. The workshop targeted the students of the fourth year of law, in the specialties of police science and criminology.

The two-day lectures discussed several critical topics, explaining many practical aspects of traffic, as well as the presentation of videos which were accompanied by large participation and interaction from the students.

Finally, this workshop came as a part of the practical police training course, which consists of several workshops on this subject. Also other workshops are scheduled to be resumed in cooperation with the Police Directorate in the coming weeks, in accordance with the schedule of the students. So the Vice President for Military Affairs commissioned the Training and Development Institute, inside the University, to activate the military, police and security training for all students.