The Measurement and Evaluation Center holds a workshop for the new Teaching Staff


The Measurement and Evaluation Center in cooperation with the different colleges at Al-Istiqlal University organized workshop for the new teaching staff about “Good Test Preparations”, presented by Dr. Saber Al-Sayori in the presence of Dr. Riyad Shraim, the assistant of the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Belal Ghanam, the Dean of the Scientific Centers, Dr. Abd Latif Abu Oda, the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences and Mr. Mohamed Assaf, the Director of Measurement and Evaluation Center, on Wednesday 13th of March 2019.

The workshop was inaugurated by Dr. Belal Ghanam who said that this workshop is considered as is an incentive for all the attendees, mentioning the importance of exchanging expertise, developing the testing process and preparing it for the students, thanking the Center of Measurement and Evaluation for this initiative, wishing the benefits for all the teaching staff and faculty members.

For his part, Dr. Riyad Shreim discussed the importance of holding this meeting, wishing the Center of Measurement and Evaluation to work on measuring the feedback of the exams and mechanism according to academic standards which were set by the University, hoping the success of the workshop.

In a related context, Dr. Abd Latif Abu Oda thanked the scientific centers and their role in preparing the courses and the academic workshops, praising the topic of the workshop about the mechanism in preparing tests, stressing that it is important to develop the academic process for students and staff lecturers.

Furthermore, Mr. Assaf, the Director of the Measurement and Evaluation Center, said that the workshop is one of a series of courses that the Center intends to hold in the coming weeks. The aim of this workshop is to develop the system of testing in the University to suit the University's main character in Security.

Finally, Dr. Saber Al-Sayori, the presenter of the workshop, spoke about the examination mechanism and its preparation, taking into account the division of marks and its distribution on the number of tests, besides the grades of participation, in which the teacher must take into consideration the nature of Al-Istiqlal University from an academic and military perspectives and the extent to which laws meet the requirement of commitment and daily discipline of the students.