Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa Meets the Scientific Centers at the University


Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu Osbaa held a meeting with the scientific centers at the University, in the presence of his deputies for academic and military affairs, the Dean of Scientific Research, the dean of the centers, directors and employees, on Tuesday 19th of March 2019.

Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa said that this meeting will be repeated in every semester as needed for hearing to the workers' comments and ideas for the development of the work process, especially in the field of the scientific centers, which is considered as an important deanship at the University in terms of momentum and activity which affect and serve the mission and the vision of the University.

The President of the University expressed his special thanks to the scientific centers in general and to the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education in particular for its work in establishing initiatives and activities, hoping that all centers would intensify the work at the internal level through the partnerships with the different departments and colleges, besides the joint work with the various institutions of the society.

For his part, Dr. Muaweya Ibarhim, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, praised the initiative of the President to hold this periodic meeting with all departments, colleges and centers, hoping that the successful work of the scientific centers will be reflected on the development of the academic and research process, in addition to recruiting the capabilities and competencies to the University for implementing non-traditional activities and publishing the periodic researches and journals. Also, he called all the centers to archive the various works and activities so that the researchers could use them easily.

In the context, Col. Salman Tayseer Abdallah, the Vice President for Military Affairs, stressed the close cooperation and the joint work of the military aspect in the University with the scientific centers, especially the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, which provides some services to students through the internal and external activities, expressing his readiness to cooperate permanently with all centers.

Furthermore, Dr. Belal Ghanam, the Dean of the scientific centers, thanked the president of the University and gave a brief explanation on the work of the five scientific centers with its cadres and specializations, noting that they need support in terms of financial and human resources. Also, he said that the scientific centers are the windows of the University on the local community, wishing the continuous support of the Presidency of the University to meet the needs at the level of work.

During the meeting, the staff of the centers presented a number of issues and observations in their daily work, especially the partnerships with the local and civil society and the security services, in addition to the need for specialization at the level of the working staff and achieving partnerships with distinguished scientific competencies from the outside community.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Deanship has five centers (Al-Istiqlal Center for Strategic Studies, Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, Al-Istiqlal Center for Maps and Topography, Center for Measurement and Evaluation and the Russian Language and Culture Center).