New meetings with the Planning and Development, Monitoring and Inspection and Kitchen Departments


Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu Osbaa, the President of Al- Istiqlal University, continued his meetings with the University faculties and departments in the presence of his deputies for Academic, Military, Administrative and Financial Affairs, the latest of which was with the Planning and Development, Monitoring and Inspection and Kitchen Departments.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa stressed the keenness of the University presidency to listen to the employees’ comments, problems and issues, thanking all the staff all in their positions, praising the efforts of the kitchen workers in particular due to their proper relations with the students under the supervision of the military officers inside the University.

The President of the University said that the departments of Monitoring and Inspection with the Planning and Development are important through their observations which increase the performance and quality of the Academic, Military and the Administrative work process, hoping to intensify their monitoring over the various issues for better future planning.

The Vice Presidents of the University appreciated the efforts of the departments, extending their greeting to the Kitchen staff who are daily working hard and on vacations. Also, they applauded the staff of Planning and Development and the Monitoring and Inspection Departments, wishing them to be one team work for realizing the vision of the University presidency.

For his part, Dr. Mohammed Halasa, the Assistant of the President for Planning, Development and Quality Affairs, talked about the work of his department and its new outputs, pointing to the recent scientific research, which has received great scientific admiration in the Kingdom of Morocco, about the topic of “Planning” at Al- Istiqlal University.

Moreover, Dr. Mahmoud Ishtaya, the Director of Monitoring and Inspection Department, thanked the presidency of the University for these meetings which provide the employee with the confidence and satisfaction and have a positive impact on the process of work and achievements, giving an overview about the mechanisms of the administrative monitoring that enhance the commitment to the University's decisions and feedback.

In this regard, Ms. Hana Borghol, the Director of the University Kitchen, explained the importance of the mutual respect relationships between students and staff of the Kitchen which have to be maintained by the officers, noting the daily work challenges in the kitchen, stressing the rights of the workers in terms of the risk allowance, incentives and health insurance.