National lectures in the schools of Auja and Fasayil entitled Our Goods are Our Weapons of Resistance


In the framework of the partnership between Al-Istiqlal University and the Ministry of Education in Jericho, the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education in collaboration with the Department of Strategic Planning organized a national lectures entitled "Our Goods are Our Weapons of Resistance" in four secondary schools in Al-Auja and Fasayel in the mid of March 2019.

The lectures were held by Dr. Faysal Sabaana, who is affiliated with the Faculty of Humanities and the Department of Strategic Planning, in the presence of Mr. Shabaan Al-Ayaat, the Official Director of the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education, principals and teachers of the four schools in the towns of Al-Auja and Fasayel.

The four lectures included an explanation of the importance of dealing with the Palestinian national industry and products and the necessity of boycotting the Israeli products and goods which have negative impact on the Palestinian economy and products.

Furthermore, Dr. Sabaana clarified to the students that the path of liberation passes through several stages, the most important of which is autonomy, dispensing with the enemy and its products and supporting the local national products for elevating them to the world, citing an example of the Indian state during the British colonial era and the revolution of the leader Mahatma Gandhi in the face of the British in all fields.

Finally, the Directorate of Education agreed with the different administrations of schools to prepare posters and banners for the national products which will be designed and produced by the students and presented on the relevant local and national occasions.