Information Technology Department launches the Electronic Supplies Requests Program


The General Directorate of the Information Technology Department launched the “Electronic Supplies Requests" program, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu Osbaa, the President of the University, his deputies and aides, the deans of the faculties and the directors of  the administrations and departments, at the Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theater, on Sunday 7th of April 2019.

Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa praised the efforts of the management and the staff of the Information Technology Department at the University by establishing the different programs which meet the needs and requirements of the work, stressing the need to design new programs for promoting the electronic work at the University instead of papers work.

Dr. Rajaa Sweidan, the Vice President for Administrative and Financial Affairs, clarified the purpose of this induction meeting of the " Electronic Supplies Requests"  program and its characteristics which are  important to be known by the deans and the managers of the different faculties and departments for saving the time, effort and the completion of work, noting that the Administrative Affairs will adopt the program for official work after a trial period for recording the notes, thanking the General Directorate of Information Technology and its Directors for their continuous efforts .

For his part, Mr. Munjaid Abu Baker, the Director of the General Directorate of Information Technology, gave a brief overview of the most recent programs which were designed by the department such as the Technical Support Program, Electronic Archiving Program, Electronic Inventory Program and the Program of the "Electronic Supplies Requests" and its facilitation instead of using the paper work.

Furthermore, Mr. Abu Baker explained the stages of the program and its levels which start from the administrative assistant to the manager, then transferring the request to the administrative and financial affairs, which in turn decides to approve or reject, then transferring the request to the Department of Supplies and Procurement and ending by the last step which is "receiving the receipt of supplies", thus meeting the needs of colleges and departments accurately and promptly.

Finally, the program has a number of features, the most prominent of which are the termination of the problems resulting from paper handling through the archiving or the loss of applications, the interconnection of the relevant departments within specific authorities, the flexibility to modify the request for supplies in accordance with the powers granted by the program and with the approval of administrative affairs, in addition to a number of other features which speeds up work and increases employee productivity.