The Community Service Center honors the child Mutasim-Bellah, the son of the Palestinian Detainee Esraa Al-Jaabeis


Eng. Shabaan Al-Ayyat, the Director of the Center for Community Service and Continuing Education at Al-Istiqlal University, honored the child Mutasim-Bellah in Al Rowad School in Jericho. Mutasim-Bellah is the son of the Palestinian detainee Esraa Al-Jaabeis, on Tuesday 23th of April 2019.

Eng. Ayyat stressed that the child was honored for his psychological and moral support, especially after his mother’s complicated medical condition in the Israeli jail. The Palestinian detainee Esraa Al-Jaabeis suffers from burns throughout her body and did not receive the necessary medical attention from the administration of the Israeli jails.

Finally, Al –Istiqlal University gave the child a smart educational portfolio and invited him to visit the University to take care of him scientifically and meet his needs.