Al- Istiqlal University organizes two military and security courses in cooperation with the security Institutions


Al-Istiqlal University in cooperation with the Palestinian National Security Forces held the first military course entitled "Al-Fajr Al-Sadiq" outside the University campus in Tubas region. This course comes in conjunction with another security course in cooperation with the intelligence and preventive security agencies, within the campus, both courses include the third year students of the various disciplines for 30 days of training.

The military and security courses are organized according to the instructions of Col. Salman Tayseer Abdallah, the Vice President for Military Affairs, which aim to develop the military and security training programs for the students of the University.

For his turn, the First Lieutenant AbdulAziz Abu Qasim explained that the aim of the course is to raise the level of the basic and military skills, for the students, based on the level of individual, group and faction which prepare the students professionally before their graduation.

Furthermore, he said that the course will focus on the practical leadership, for the students, through the military exercises and field skills, depending on the methods of lectures, presentations and the exercises which achieve the compatibility with the different Palestinian security environment and on a common basis with the Palestinian security forces institutions.

In a related context, Lieutenant Colonel Tariq Shuqair said that the security course is overseen by officers from the University and eight trainers from the Palestinian intelligence and preventive security agencies. Also, he said that this course is based on the field training and implementation for the theoretical study which they received during the classroom, as well as practical exercises in "special operations" to raise the level of efficiency of the graduate officers, and to meet the needs of the Palestinian security institution.