Col. Abdallah Follows the Military Training for the students enrolled in Tubas Course


Col. Salman Tayser Abdallah, the Vice-President for Military Affairs, followed a special military training for the students from the third year who enrolled in the military skills course held in Tubas region in early June.

The military training was carried out in the presence of Col. Hatem Waked, the Commander of Tubas region, the Head of the British support team at Al-Istiqlal University, officers, trainers and the supervisors of the military training which lasts for a month.

Col. Abdullah praised the new training program which was prepared by the University for its Students in order to develop their military and security skills. Also, he saluted the leadership in Tubas region for their cooperation, wishing to continue in holding the specialized courses for the students which will contribute in improving their skills and experience before joining the ranks of the security institution after graduation.

Its woth noting that Al-Istiqlal University announced the first military course entitled "Al Fajr al-Sadiq", in Tubas region, in cooperation with the National Security Forces and in conjunction with holding a security training in cooperation with the intelligence and preventive security services, within the campus of the University, to develop the military and security training program for the students .