Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa receives the Ukrainian Ambassador and Professor Moravyov


Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa received Mr. Mykola Lishchenko, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Palestine, the Ukrainian Professor Victor Moravyov, Dr. Areej Ouda, the President of the Association of Graduates of Universities and Institutes of Ukraine, in the presence of the deans of the faculties and a number of the University cadres, in his office on Sunday 30th of June 2019.

Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa welcomed the Ukrainian Ambassador, Professor Moravyov and Dr. Ouda, stressing that Al-Istiqlal University always welcomes guests from the different levels to achieve the mission of the University and its objectives, hoping to have academic and political relations and cooperation between the University and its Ukrainian counterparts to meet the needs of the University and the Palestinian society.

Ahead of the presentation of an introductory film about Al-Istiqlal University, Maj. Gen. Mohammad Haroun, the Director of the International Relation at the University, gave an overview of its inception and development, as well as its specificity in the Palestinian society and its overall goal of providing the security institution with qualified officers.

For her part, Dr. Areej Ouda thanked Al-Istiqlal University for its positive response in organizing the visit and addressing the Ambassador of Ukraine in Palestine for his participation in this visit. Also, she gave a brief about Prof. Victor Moravyov and his academic and scientific journey, mentioning that he is visiting Palestine for the first time, and that this visit stems from his love for the State of Palestine and in support of its just cause.

Furthermore, the Ambassador of the State of Ukraine in Palestine expressed his happiness to visit Al-Istiqlal University for the first time, and that he intends to return to a future visit to discuss joint cooperation, appreciating the President of the University and the attendees.

In a related context, Prof. Moravyov explained the nature of the Palestinian-Ukrainian bilateral relations since the time of the Soviet Union, and that the Palestinian cause was and continues to be of an interest for Ukraine on the political and scientific levels, adding that many Palestinians graduated from the Universities of Ukraine, praising the Palestinian Universities and its scientific development, looking for a mutual cooperation.

Moreover, Prof. Moravyov gave a brief overview about Kyiv National University, especially the Faculty of Law, which he chairs, and the most important courses of study in terms of the international and European law and the international conflicts and national security, noting that the history of the Palestinian cause is presented in all of its subjects.

Finally, Prof. Victor Moravyov is the dean of the European and Comparative Law Faculty at the International Relations Institute of Kyiv National University, Taras Shevchenko, and a former dean of the Public Law Faculty. Also, he is currently visiting the State of Palestine by an invitation from the Association of University Graduates and Institutes to see the Palestinian cities, the most important academic institutions and the religious areas.