Al-Istiqlal University starts receiving new students


Prof. Dr. Saleh Abu Osbaa, the President of Al-Istiqlal University, made an inspection tour for the intake committees of the 2019/2020 new students, accompanied by his deputies for Military, Administrative and Financial Affairs, in the presence of Brig. Gen. Khalid Al-Sharif, the Director of the training camp and Col. Amer Al-Taj, the Director of the Medical Department at the Military Training Authority, on Sunday morning at the headquarters of the Military Training Authority for Security Forces in Jericho.

Al- Istiqlal University, in cooperation with the Military Training Authority and the Organization and Administration Authority, started this morning to receive new students for the new academic year, according to a program announced by the Deanship of Admission and Registration at the University, and it will continue from Sunday to Thursday 29-8-2019.

Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa welcomed the new students, stressing that this year the procedures will be accurate, under any circumstances, and adherence to the conditions of acceptance at the levels of the academic, medical and physical safety, addressing his message to the students who will be accepted after passing the various interview committees that their admission to Al-Istiqlal University is a privilege and will support them in planning for their future as leaders in the various fields.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Abu Osbaa noted the new students, who will be admitted, that they should exert more effort during the years of their study according to the knowledge and the training that they will get, in order to graduate as competent officers and non-commissioned officers, to serve their country and the dignity of the citizens.

For his part, Dr. Hani Awidat, the Dean of the Admission and Registration Department at the University, clarified the work mechanism of receiving the students in the Military Training Authority and divided it into committees, the first is receiving and checking the applications and the medical documents which include (the examination of height and weight, eye examination, clinical medical body examination, then the accepted students move to Al-Istiqlal University for the personal interviews and the physical fitness, after that the final laboratory tests, wishing the success for all applicants.

Moreover, Col. Salman Tayseer Abdallah, the Vice President for Military Affairs, said that the new students awaited an integrated military and physical program, throughout the academic years of study in all the classes inside and outside the University, which requires hard effort and patience to pass it as qualified graduates.

It is noteworthy to mention that the admission committees will accept more than 200 new students each working day and will continue until the end of this month, according to the conditions and registration numbers for each student, as announced previously. You will find more information on this link: