Brig. Gen. Dr. Nasser Al-Adawi Gives a Lecture on International Relations for the Second Year Students


The Faculty of Administrative Sciences at Al-Istiqlal University, in cooperation with the Palestinian General Intelligence Service, held a lecture on "International Relations" for the second year students at the college building, on Sunday 15th of September 2019.

Dr. Abdelatef Abu Ouda, the Dean of the Faculty of Administrative Sciences, received Brig. Gen. Dr. Nasser Al-Adawi, the Head of the International Relations at the Intelligence Service, and Brig. Gen. Habes Al-Shrof, the Director General of Training in the Intelligence Service, at the College building, presenting the guests to the students, praising the cooperation between the University and the General Intelligence Service, Pointing out that Brig. Gen. Dr. Al-Adawi will talk about the relationship between the international relations and the security dimension, and there will be a detailed explanation of the concept of "Security Diplomacy and its Requirements”.

For his part, Brig, Gen. Dr. Al-Adawi thanked Al-Istiqlal University for the hosting, stressing that the existence of the International Relations specialization in the University is very important and has a great need in the labor market in general and the security institution in particular.

During the lecture, he explained the concept of International Relations and its Development, devoting the entire time for delivering the meaning of "Security Diplomacy", wishing the students success and progress in the field of International Relations.