The Security Advisory Council holds its Periodic meeting


The Security Advisory Council, which consists of the training managers in the security services and their representatives, held its periodic meeting in the presence of the Col. Salman Abdullah, the Deputy for Military Affairs, and Col. Dr. Majdi Serdah, the Director of the Training and Development Institute, inside the campus of Al-Istiqlal University, on Tuesday 24th of September 2019.

Col. Abdullah expressed his happiness to hold the meeting periodically, discussing the different issues of concern to students and members of the security services, developing the formation of the committees and training programs both for students or the associates in the security services at Al-Istiqlal University and the importance of holding training courses in the fields of security and military with evaluating the number of the enrolled in the future.

Moreover, Col. Abdullah stressed the necessity of activating the specialized professional diploma program with expanding and adding new specializations which benefit the student, mentioning how to deal with the students, besides raising their awareness by showing the negatives and dangers of using the social media websites and applications.

It’s noteworthy to mention that Al-Istiqlal University holds periodically meetings with the directors of the Security Services for researching and developing the training courses in the military and security fields.