The Legal Clinic Department organizes an awareness lecture in cooperation with CARE and TAM Organizations


The Legal Clinic Department at Salim Al-Zaanoun Faculty of Law at Al-Istiqlal University, in cooperation with CARE International-Palestine and Tam “Women Development and Awareness”, organized a seminar on “The Political Participation of Women”, in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hamdan Taha, the Deputy for Academic Affairs, Ms. Salam Knaan, the Director of CARE Organization, Dr. Mohammed Badosi , the Dean of the Faculty of Law, and Ms. Rana Al-Assi, the Head of the Legal Clinic Department, at the Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theater, on Sunday 1st of December 2019.

Furthermore, Prof. Dr. Taha welcomed the attendees, stressing the importance of revising and reformulating the Palestinian Constitution, because it constitutes the base of any work, mentioning the importance of the voice of the Palestinian women, wishing a useful dialogue session, which enhances the role of women, and the constitutional awareness.

For her part, Ms. Kanaan gave a briefing about CARE International and its role in fighting poverty and eliminating violence in all its forms. Also, she introduced the Kayani project “Each one of us has a story of hope to tell” in partnership with the Women's Guidance Center.

Moreover, Dr. Sanaa Sarghly, a Professor at the Faculty of Law at An-Najah National University, and a Director of the Center for Constitutional Studies besides the President of the UNESCO Center, presented the session for the student of Al-Istiqlal University, entitled “ On activating the role of Palestinian women in influencing public policy and shaping Palestinian political dialogue. "

It is worth mentioning that Al-Istiqlal University discussed the partnership with the Tam Foundation “Women Development and Awareness", to achieve the common goals, especially with the Faculty of Law.