Al- Istiqlal University holds "Military and Security Skills" course for the fourth year students


Col. Salman Tayser Abdallah, the Deputy for Military Affairs at Al-Istiqlal University, inaugurated "Military and Security Skills" Course for the fourth year students in cooperation with the Palestinian General Intelligence Services, Military Intelligence and National Security, inside the campus, on Sunday 22th of December 2019.

Col. Abdallah welcomed and praised the trainers from the various Palestinian Security Services, mentioning the necessity of commitment, and the importance of having the proper skills during the training course which will develop and qualify them after graduation.

Furthermore, he pointed out the importance of the discipline, determining goal, and obtaining a high level, wishing the success for the students in the course by having all the skills and needs of the officer at the levels of (mind, thought, body and approach).

The training course will be held for the fourth year students, with a duration of ten days, and it will be conducted by Maj. Nisreen Roma from the General Intelligence Service, and Maj. Musab Shukair from Military Intelligence.

It is worth mentioning that Al-Istiqlal University works to develop and provide the students with different skills at all levels, through conducting Military and Academic training courses during the study year.