Col. Salman Abdallah opens a course at the National Security Training Center


Col. Salman Abdallah, the Deputy for Military Affairs, opened "Military Exercises and Skills” Course for the Fourth Year Students, in cooperation with the National Security Training Center, in Jericho Governorate, on Sunday 22th of December 2019.

Col. Abdallah thanked Maj. Gen. Nidal Abu Dukhan, the Commander of the Palestinian National Security Forces, and all the trainers in charge for their efforts in training the students, praising the military skills which contribute in obtaining the rank of officer in professionalism and competence in addition to the academic certificate, advising the students to have patience, commitment and endurance, to be able to take responsibility and resistance to preserve the security and the stability of the homeland and the Palestinian citizen.

For his part, Col. Mahdy Serdah, the Director of the Training Division of the National Security Forces, welcomed the Military Deputy of Al-Istiqlal University, praising the students’ efforts in proving themselves in the training phase, and their commitment to the course.

It is noteworthy to mention that an exam will be held after the completion of the Training Course, to monitor the level of student benefit, discipline, and commitment during the Course.