Al-Istiqlal University promotes cooperation with Kadoorie University and the Arab American University


Dr. Mamon Jouda, the Assistant of Al-Istiqlal University President for Planning and Development, visited the Palestine Technical University- Kadoorie and the Arab American University, in the presence of Dr. Ma’mon Al-Helo, Dr. Faisal Sabana, Dr. Nawal Al-Shekh and Dr. Iman Abd El-Kader to promote the cooperation between the Palestinian Universities and to exchange the expertise.

Dr. Jouda provided the Universities with an introductory brief of Al-Istiqlal University, its Academic and Military educational system, the new specializations and its future directions, wishing to cooperate with the two universities and to enhance the Academic and Military partnerships with the various Universities.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Sadaka, the Vice President of the Arab American University, welcomed the delegation of Al-Istiqlal University, giving an overview about his University, its Academic plan, and its constant endeavor to enhance Academic partnerships with local and international Universities, besides creating new specializations that meet the needs of the labor market, confirming the readiness of the Arab American University to cooperate with Al-Istiqlal University in many fields such as holding a joint training courses.

Moreover, Dr. Makram Abbas, the Dean of Planning, Development and Quality Department at Kadoorie University, greeted the delegation of Al-Istiqlal University, noting that this meeting comes as a continuation of previous meetings which were held by both Universities in the various fields, to achieve the University’s vision of holding partnerships with local community institutions, especially the governmental ones, stressing the importance of the security sector in the Palestinian society and strengthening the communications between different institutions in Palestine.

Al-Istiqlal University seeks to promote cooperation and partnership, with the local and international community institutions, and the local and international Universities, to develop and gain experiences that raise its academic and security level.