Al-Istiqlal University graduates the students of the Russian language Course


 Al-Istiqlal University, in partnership with the Russian Center for Science and Culture-Bethlehem, graduated the students of the "Russian Language and Learning about Russia" Course, at Sheikh Hazza Bin Zayed Al Nahyan Theater, on Tuesday 28th of January 2020.

The event was organized in the presence of HE Maj. Gen. Dr. Tawfiq Al-Tirawi, a member of the Central Committee of the Fatah Movement and the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Al-Istiqlal University, Dr. Gosha Levanevetsh, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Palestine, Mr. Abd-AlHafez Nofal, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to the Russian Federation, Mr. Alexander Soroken, the Director of the Russian Center for Science and Culture, Prof. Dr. Hamdan Taha, the Deputy for Academic Affairs at Al-Istiqlal University, Col. Salman Tayser Abdallah, the Deputy for Military Affairs, and Dr. Mohammed Al-Najajra, the Director of the Center of the Russian Poet Sergey Yessin for the Russian Language and Culture.

HE Maj. Gen. Dr. Al-Tirawi welcomed and thanked the attendees, praising the roles of the Ambassador of the State of Palestine and the Ambassador of the State of the Russian Federation for their efforts, expressing his happiness for the students skills and levels in learning and speaking the Russian language, providing some advice to the students during their travel to learn the culture of Russia besides being Palestinian ambassadors for their homeland, praising the country of Russia for its civilization which maintains its clear and frank vision toward the Palestinian cause, wishing success to the students and their teachers in the Russian Institute.

For his part, the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Palestine thanked Al-Istiqlal University for the invitation and the warm reception, praising the efforts of the University in building and developing the various aspects, providing advice to students who are affiliated with the course, wishing them success in the next educational steps.

Furthermore, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine added that Al-Istiqlal University is a pride for Palestine, and it is the first place which created military generation able to deliver the Palestinian national message, hoping to enhance the cooperation and promote it in the various fields in the future, besides giving a lecture to the students of Diplomacy.

Also, Prof. Dr. Taha pointed out the importance of developing the bilateral relations with the Russian Federation, and the historical and interrelated relationships, praising the common values between the Palestinian and Russian people.

Moreover, Col. Abdallah presented a brief about the University, its specializations, and its system, in addition to the new specializations which were created to the students, mentioning the University's readiness for any cooperation with the different countries to develop their academic and military aspects, and to hold various courses to raise the educational and security level.

In conjunction, Mr. Soroken thanked the University for the Great Partnership and cooperation with the Russian center, hoping to develop the relationship with Al-Istiqlal University as a major partner, explaining that the main mission of the center is to spread the Russian culture and language, stressing their willingness to offer many scholarships in the Russian universities.

At the end of the event, the students were honored by the University and the Ambassadors for the five months course which included 36 students (11 students at Al-Istiqlal University, and 25 in the Russian Center - Bethlehem). Also, the guests were accompanied on a tour to see University's facilities and colleges.

It is noteworthy to mention that the Russian language program aims to develop the capabilities and skills of the students in the Russian language, knowing that it receives great attention from the Russian side and the University of Al-Istiqlal, and the program will be continued inside the Russian Federation.