Al-Istiqlal University holds a training course in cooperation with the Human Rights Commission


The Legal Clinic Department of Al-Istiqlal University, in partnership with the Independent Commission for Human Rights, organized a training course entitled "Strengthening Security and Human Rights Links", in the presence of Prof. Dr. Hamdan Taha, the Deputy for Academic Affairs at the University, Dr. Mohammed Al-Bedousi, the Dean of the Faculty of Law and Police Sciences, Dr. Khaled Al-Daher, the Assistant of the Deputy for Academic Affairs, Mr. Islam Al-Tamimi, the Director of the Training and Advocacy Department at the Human Rights Commission, representatives of the Human Rights Commission and the Military Prosecution, and Mr. Walid Al-Sheikh, the Director of the Central area of the Commission, on Monday 24th of February 2020, in Jericho Governorate.

Prof. Dr. Taha welcomed the attendees, expressing his gratitude for the inauguration of this training program, praising the efforts of the Human Rights Commission, stressing that Al-Istiqlal University always seeks to provide a platform that creates harmony between the concepts of security and human rights, besides supporting this environment in which it entrenches the legal concepts and the sufficient knowledge of the principles of equality and justice inside the participants, with raising their awareness to be conscious individuals and guardians of the country and the citizen.

Also, he called for strengthening the plans and the policies to ensure the implementation of rights in its various forms, especially after joining the international system, pointing out the importance of establishing the foundations of freedom in the Palestinian society, and devoting the concepts of the human rights, as a matter of responsibility and keenness to provide students with the necessary knowledge, Wishing the participants to have a fruitful discussion during the course days.

For his part, Mr. Al-Tamimi thanked Al-Istiqlal University for its efforts, noting the importance of this course in graduating a generation who is knowledgeable and legally capable of carrying the national issues, saying that this training program will get its results in respecting the rule of law, preserving public order and establishing the balance between the security side and human rights according to the current legislation.

Furthermore, Dr. Al-Bedousi praised the Independent Commission for Human Rights for holding such distinguished courses to enrich the minds of the students throughout the semesters, explaining that this program aims to inform students of their responsibilities on one hand, and to protect human rights principles on the other hand.

In conjunction, Ms. Rana Al-Asi, the head of the Legal Clinic Department, mentioned that this activity is considered as a practical implementation of knowledge that the students have through their educational process, stressing the importance of the partnership with the commission in raising the experience of the students in the fields of law and police science, which meets the need of the Palestinian Security Institution.

It is noteworthy to mention that this course will be held for four days with the participation of 23 students, and it will discuss the various topics as follow: the control and accountability mechanisms, the ethical and legal basis of the security personnel, in addition to making field tour for the military and human rights institutions, and visiting to the tomb of the Martyr President Yasser Arafat.