Al-Istiqlal University organizes a legal competition for law students


The legal clinic of the College of Law at Al-Istiqlal University held a meeting of the Palestinian Universities’ representatives, for the first national legal competition at the local level, for the students of the Faculty of Law, in the presence of Ms. Rana Al-Asi, the head of the Legal Clinic Department, Capt. Ahmed Al-Kharaz, and representatives of the Independent Commission for Human Rights and Palestinian Universities, inside the campus, on Tuesday 3rd of March 2020.

Ms. Al-Asi welcomed the attendees, providing an overview of the legal awareness cultural competition program, mentioning that Al-Istiqlal University is the organizer of the event, explaining the role of the Independent Commission in conducting the stages of the competition, indicating the importance of holding the event inside the University because of its military nature which makes it different from the other Universities.

For his part, Capt. Al-Kharaz presented an introductory brief of the academic and military systems at Al-Istiqlal University, besides the daily program and instructions, saying that the system of the University is different from the other Universities, pointing out the readiness of the University to meet the requirements of the competition.

It is noteworthy to mention that the national legal competition is the first competition of its kind at the local level, besides forming a committee to prepare for the competition and set its date.