Al-Istiqlal University concludes field training in the security services for students of Nablus Governorate


Al-Istiqlal University concluded the field training in the security services for students of the Nablus Governorate "third year", which was organized by the Political and National Guidance Commission / Nablus, in the presence of Brig. Gen. Salman Abdallah, the deputy for Military Affairs, Brig. Gen Mahmoud Abdel Rahman, the Director of the Commission, Dr. Anas Salahat, the Assistant Commissioner-General of the Political Guidance Commission, Dr. Ghassan Omar, the Director of the Training and Development Institute, and Lt. Col. Mujahed Yassin, the Head of the Military Department.

Brig. Gen. Abdallah commended the effective partnership between all Palestinian security arms and their role in developing the student’s skills, personal and leadership capabilities at the theoretical and practical levels, and its positive reflection on their performance and individual behavior, to engage them in the work field after graduation.

For his part, Brig. Gen. Abdel Rahman welcomed the attendees, praising the outputs of Al-Istiqlal University, officers and non-commissioned officers, the outstanding level and high qualifications shown by the students over the past month, and the readiness to continue supporting them through any future cooperation.

Furthermore, Dr. Salahat delivered the Greetings of Maj. Gen. Talal Dwikat, the General Political Commissioner, expressed his pride in this great edifice, which constitutes a solid incubator for the families of the Palestinian martyrs, prisoners, and the wounded, wishing the students success in their scientific and professional paths, and being the best ambassadors for their University.

Also, Brig. Gen. Abdallah and Dr. Omar, and the training staff in the security services gave certificates to the students for passing the requirements of the "Leadership and Communication Skills" course.

In conclusion, a lecture (measuring skills) was held by the Political Steering Committee in which each participant spoke about the history of a Palestinian martyr for one minute, as a kind of test, to see their ability to give interesting and brief lectures, as one of the most prominent functions of the commission is to implement brief and effective meetings.